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MH: Hat-chan~ by Arulie MH: Hat-chan~ by Arulie
Update (3/9/14)Changed the app to the newer one ;7; also added more in her background and personality

She looks so much taller in here compared to her actual height :iconryojidaisyplz:
I thought she needed to wear something lighter since it's already spring ;7;

Cell shade again. Too lazy to soft shade. :iconpapmingplz:
I'm also very sorry, I don't know how to add the "grade" part so--:iconimboboplz:

Update: HUGE revamp on Amemi's background and personality, also I just found out 1996 is actually a leap year so...I changed her birthday OuO I might change the fullbody drawing too...soon....very...sooonnnn....not. //slapped  I did it guys!! ;7; I finally got rid of procrastination and drew her a proper picture //rollsofhappiness

Update (3/4/14) fixed broken voice sample link and changed the headshot pic ;7;

Trying out for 
I hope I get in 
I GOT IN! :iconfinallyplz:

Name: Migikouta, Amemi
Her parents initially wanted to give her a western name but eventually came up with a Japanese name during her so-called "miracle delivery" during a heavy rain halfway before they got to the nearest hospital.

Age: 17


 28th of February

 5"3 ft/160 cm

 Female (unless she's crossplaying //slapped)

Home or boarding:

 Cooking Club (she's planning to set up a lit club too ;7; )


Amemi was born in Champagne, France, giving her a dual nationality and the birth of the common misunderstanding that she is actually French by blood when she could barely even understand the language. Although they only stayed there for a short span of time, she had a chance to study on a kindergarten near their home where she was being mocked by her classmates as the "cannot supik engrish jeune fille" possibly due to her confusion between France and England (or rather, French and English). Over the course of her days in the little school, she isolated herself in her own world and it was not long till she discovered her love for painting. At an early age both her family and the people surrounding her encouraged her talent, seeing a great potential to become a renowned artist sometime in the future.

Five years after her birth, they migrated back in Japan where her mother had to work full time on a large hospital in Hida-Takayama. There, her father brought her to her late grandmother's house in Hida-Furukawa, a short fifteen minute drive from their home. Due to the fact that she was spotted talking by herself, it was said that she had a special ability to see ghosts, whether or not it was true was never proven, or at the very least, she refuses to believe in the rumors. Soon after their trip, she met the fat and sweaty young boy with a girly name, her childhood friend Hana. Out of jealousy for the fact that he had so many "friends", she challenged him into a card battle that involved a lot of cheating, much to the dismay of both her father and her opponent. After much compensation, the two eventually got along and soon ended up to become friends.

Amemi studied at Hida High, the nearest school on their home and from time to time, she still went to visit her friend on Furukawa. During the short visits, she had gotten even closer to Hana, and even got influenced by his love for anime and manga. Unfortunately, her otaku self took a toll on her grades and ultimately even showed an effect on her attitude, resulting to rebellion and acts of delinquency. Worried about their daughter, her mother took the offer to work abroad, bringing Amemi along with her in hopes that it would keep her away from Hana's bad influence, or so she thought.

Hardly getting the chance to properly bid her friend farewell, she deliberately confided with her parents and moved to Dubai, UAE. She was forced to study on an English based international school, exposing her to various cultures and languages, although she found it to be a difficult task, it was also a wonderful new experience for her and was enough to let her realize how 

For certain reasons, her mother was demoted back to Japan only a year since their stay in Dubai. Not wanting to leave her daughter alone in a foreign land, she decided it was best to take her along.

Amemi resettled in Hida-Takayama with her parents, however was no longer accepted in Hida High, considering the semester was already about to end. There were many schools near their region but she entered Miyagawa, seeing this as a good opportunity to meet her friend again, hoping that he would still be there and that everything would be just as before or at the least give a proper closure to their relationship.

| Spontaneous | Determined | Assertive |

Amemi pretty much sums up your ordinary high school girl. Although she comes up as very refined and classy at first, she's rather excitable and easily warms up with people no matter how different they are from her. She "tries" to act as mature as she can. She tends to get hyped up whenever faced with a challenge and may often seem arrogant in her manner of handling it, considering just how confident she can be. She is however, a weak person--both mentally and physically--and may even sometimes look like a ditz for being so. She's the type of person who goes by the book and deliberately corrects anyone who does not follow the rules, a trait passed on to her by her mother. Her greatest fear is to have someone to take her away from the things she loves and protects once again, the similar way her mother did when she became an otaku.


♥ Cooking/eating (specifically Japanese and Arabic cuisine)
♥ Traditional/Classics (culture/literature)
♥ Mysteries and Ghost stories
♥ Painting (scenery)
♥ Manga/Anime (she's a closet otaku //winkwonk)
♥ fruits(especially nectarines ///swoon)
♥ fountain pens (her favorite one is her parker)
♥ Almost anything warm (clothing, season, food, etc.)


✘ sleep/sleeping/getting sleepy/sleepy people
✘ Almost anything cold (food, season, attitude, etc.)
✘ delinquents/rule breakers
✘ people who deliberately points out her flaws (her height, her grades, how she "wasted" her talent, etc.)
✘ being patted on the head (please refer to above statement)
✘ getting tanned (that's the purpose of the hat Eyes)
✘ her favorite anime coming to an end
✘ sweets and candies (oddly enough, her name could also mean "candy")


damphyr voice sample (Mariko Nakatsu/Aoyama Nanami from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)
damphyr she uses "sheesh" to express anger, annoyance, distastefulness, and rage
damphyr she often does all sorts of things to keep the situation less awkwards such as making origami cranes when she's bored
:damphyr: she's terrible at drawing people/anime


 || Outside Miyagawa || 
| Migikouta, Hikari | Migikouta, Mao | Nanase, Ayame |

|| Friends || 
| Natsume, Taiyo | Kojima, Rui | Himeno, Chinatsu | Fujioka, Takashi | Junpei, Robi | Shinozuka, Hana | Sayomi, Mikoto | Kobayashi, Momoko | Katsumi, Naoko | Kiski, Aya | Aragaki, Nori | Yoshikuni, Mary | Ueno, Nanami | Nishimura, Asuka |
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